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no news is… no news

I haven’t heard back yet from the couple of potential possibles. I’ve contacted them a couple of times, as I have a couple more who offered testimonials, but there’s only so many times I can over-stretch from my English sensibilities comfort zone and repeat ask. 😉

But I am still here, and am still wanting to work with anyone interested.

Just try me.




sample received, worked on & subbed

And now my fingers are crossed.

Hmm. Just realised I’ve told my whole update in the subject. Heyho – less words for my fingers to type. 😉

But yeah, that’s it, really. I chanced upon a writer on Google+ last night who was looking for some help with his short novel, so I volunteered a short edit/proof to see how he felt about my work. He linked me to the whole thing, so I worked on the first chapter –which came in a little long for my freebie at 1600 words, but what the hey– and submitted it back to him.

Now I wait.


big red pen

Go on, let me use my

on your fiction so I can show you just how splendid a team we can be working together as we strengthen your already wonderful story. 🙂

Just send me a sample that I can critique, edit & proof (sounds like a fictional solicitors – ooh!), and we could be off and running. I have time at the moment so try me (and that sounds like a pick-up line!).



Mice of the Mausoleum

An exciting day in the “office” at Economy Edits as we’ve been given the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of working with Kimberly Coleman, author of MICE OF THE MAUSOLEUM.


The second book in the series is ready for editing, and I’m going to work on a 1000 word sample for Kimberly in the hope we both like what we see, and can work together to tighten what is undoubtedly an already strong story.

In the meantime, I was going to buy a copy of the first book in the series to read so I can develop a feel for the characters and the world they inhabit, but Kimberly very kindly gifted me a copy.

Exciting day, indeed. 🙂

A Wonderful Testimonial

From Sarah Brown, who can be found here:


After finishing my second short story, I sent out a message to ask for people to critique it.  David offered his help, and I sent my story his way.  What I got back from him was exactly what I was looking for.  His comments were both on what he liked, and what he thought could be better.  He pointed out spelling errors, weird sentence structures, and wording.  He talked about what he liked, and why he liked it.  He was polite, which is always a good trait for an editor.  If you’re just starting out, I highly advise you to give David a try, because as someone who does not like critiques, I found his to be pleasant, helpful, and easy to follow.


Thank you SO much, Sarah. Your story was a joy to read, and it was a pleasure working with you. 🙂

1000 word FREE edit

As per the title…

If you are a writer and you would like to see if I can help you with your words, and if we might be able to work together, please feel free to email me a 1000 word sample of your writing and I will copy edit it and return to you asap. Then you can decide if you would like to use me for something else.

My rates are low, but if you are seriously struggling for funds we might be able to work out a discount. Try me. 🙂