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Economy Edits

Many thanks, Nicole. Every moment has been a revelation and a joy. 🙂




now listed at chris the story reading ape blog

That’s right. My editing services are now listed on Chris’ fantastic blog.

He is such a good guy, and such a helpful blogger for writers, readers and editors.

If you’re not following this guy you are seriously missing out.




seeking new projects from October 1


Yes, that’s correct. As much as I have loved –and am loving– working with my ever-growing portfolio of clients, I am now actively seeking new projects to begin from October 1st.

These can be:

  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • long
  • short
  • first drafts*
  • final drafts
  • line-edits
  • final read-throughs**

Or anywhere in between, I guess. Let me know what you have, and I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.

If you want to see what some clients have said about me, please click the TESTIMONIALS link at the top.

If you would like me to provide you with a free sample edit, simply email me 500-1000 words of your manuscript and I will edit and reply asap.

My rates are still just 0.003 pence or 0.005 cents per word (or £3/$5 per 1000). I usually accept 33-50% of the total fee upon commencement, with the balance paid upon completion. Full daily updates are available, where I will email you what I have completed that day



* Rate may be slightly higher, depending on work required

** Rate may be slightly lower, depending on work required

G complete, day off tomorrow

Well, I’m sad and happy to announce that I have completed the edit for G by Nicole. Now she will double-check my thoughts and use what she wants. She’s already added a few interesting scenes I suggested, and I think one or two more (on top of the two I think she’s in the process of writing) would push the book from good to great. And yes, I know I’m probably biased, but the story is strong, the characters deep and engaging, and the ideas big.

So yes, a day off tomorrow, although I may try and catch up on some admin. Possibly even work on a new cover for TMST that a very kind and talented webfriend has created for me.

And then, on Tuesday, I begin work on B&O. Such an exciting step for me, but a lot of pressure, too, because there will be a number of novels in this series, and some short stories, so I extra-want to do the best job I can, so a mental reset tomorrow is a must, if not for me then for MAL.


book now to guarantee today’s rates

I’ve been told I should charge more than I do. And when I look around at some other editors I realise my rates are low. But there are two good reasons for this:

  1. I’m relatively new to editing others’ works
  2. I want to make good editing financially possible to anyone

And so, while I probably should increase my rates from just $0.005 per word, and possibly will, if you pre-book at least one weekly time slot (dependent on book length: 30k = 1 wk) I will guarantee that I will only charge you my current rates. Even if I do increase them the moment after you book.

So, please, if you want good quality editing help with your manuscript, have a look at my testimonials, discover a little about who I am, ask any question you want, and then consider pre-booking me to help with your stories. Believe me, I will respect them as much as you, and will do my absolute best to improve your heartfelt words.

I am happy and experienced with both fiction and non-fiction, and will consider anything from a 1000 word short story or article to a 1000-page novel in your 10-volume series. 

I am definitely available for bookings from September 29th, possibly the week before. I look forward to hearing from you, and working with you. 🙂

happy i worked the weekend

No, it doesn’t make sense.

Until you learn that yesterday and today have slipped by me in swirls of meetings, queues, broken bikes and new office chairs.

So, because of the hours I put in on Saturday and Sunday, I should still be golden when it comes to completing the edit of G for ND on Sunday. I just need to buckle down and do the hours between now and then.

Yes, I could be editing now, instead of writing this drivel. But it’s an update. Of sorts. 😉