nod and…?

We can describe the up and down motion of a YES with a simple, “She nodded”, but what would you use to describe the left to right motion of a NO with a SINGLE WORD?



9 thoughts on “nod and…?

  1. Chris Sarantopoulos

    I was going to say “she shook her head” but then read you question again. One word only? “Refused” comes to mind, but me being a non-native English speaker doesn’t qualify me to say for sure. I’m interested in this post, however, so I want to see what others have to comment. Difficult question.

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        1. Dave Post author

          Hi Chris.

          I meant it’s difficult because I couldn’t think of one. Everything I wanted to use required something extra, like, “she shook” requires “her head” otherwise it could be all of her shaking.

          When it came to mind, it tickled me, as there is the obvious nod for yes, and even a “shrug” for maybe, but nothing immediately came to mind for no. Unless you live in Bulgaria (and a couple of other places), as they apparently nod for no and shake for yes, so I was half-hoping a Bulgarian might stop by and say “NOD!” 😉


  2. Chris Sarantopoulos

    I’m south of Bulgaria (Greece, to be exact) but unless I’m mistaken we too use more than one word for describing that head movement. We also shake for “no” and nod for “yes”. Every thesaurus and online dictionary I checked (and a couple printed ones), none had a single verb for the negatively intended head movement. If they use “shake” they use an object (his/her head) with it. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen it written in any other way in any of the books I’ve read.
    But it’s a good question. One of those strange ones that usually get me searching for some time or store it at the back of my head and wait ’til something comes up that answers it for me.

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    1. Dave Post author

      I am happy it prompted a thought. 🙂

      And I am happy that someone else was intrigued in the same way I had been. I must admit I googled a little before posting, assuming there was some simple answer that my caffeine-restricted brain simply had not considered. 😉

      If you ever find a suitable answer, please try to remember to return and relieve my mental pressure. Haha. 🙂

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