a sad day for economy edits

Early this morning I received notification that one of my first and favourite clients has chosen to employ a local editor for her new and subsequent books. This made me sad, because I do like the lady, and love her lead character, Jasper. However, I can understand her reason, and wish her only happiness and success. And so, even though I won’t be playing any active part in their future, please keep your eyes open for Kimberly J Coleman and her wonderful friend,Β Jasper, and do all you can to make their future a happy one. πŸ™‚





7 thoughts on “a sad day for economy edits

  1. nicoledelacroix420

    Much luck and success to Kimberly, sorry to hear that she’s moved to someone local. I still refer you out all the time, so you may have some new clients! πŸ˜€ (PS – I’m already on Chapter 3 of my new piece, May isn’t too far off!)

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  2. W. K. Tucker

    Well, that’s her loss. I think you’re a great editor–what you did for my manuscript far exceeded my expectations. I think I recieved far more than I paid for. 😊

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