Monthly Archives: September 2015

one third off editing price – short time only

I have enjoyed working with every author over the last eighteen months, seeing how I can help them, and how they have improved. 🙂

So much so, in fact, that I am now looking to expand my EconomyEdits online assistance to help even more (even all, ha!) writers.

To do this, I am offering a special introduction rate of just £2.22 or $3.33 per 1000 words so a 50,000 word novel would cost just £111 or $166.50. (My standard rate is £3.33 or $5, which is still lower than the market average, and I provide a thorough and helpful service.)

This discounted rate will apply to anything you submit before the end of November.

I will operate a first come first served situation, so recommend you submit and book early. But even if we run out of time and trickle into December, I am sure we can work something out, if you book over Christmas or into next year.

Oh, and our 500 word sample edits are still FREE.