one third off editing price – short time only

I have enjoyed working with every author over the last eighteen months, seeing how I can help them, and how they have improved. πŸ™‚

So much so, in fact, that I am now looking to expand my EconomyEdits online assistance to help even more (even all, ha!) writers.

To do this, I am offering a special introduction rate of just Β£2.22 or $3.33 per 1000 words so a 50,000 word novel would cost just Β£111 or $166.50. (My standard rate is Β£3.33 or $5, which is still lower than the market average, and I provide a thorough and helpful service.)

This discounted rate will apply to anything you submit before the end of November.

I will operate a first come first served situation, so recommend you submit and book early. But even if we run out of time and trickle into December, I am sure we can work something out, if you book over Christmas or into next year.

Oh, and our 500 word sample edits are still FREE.



9 thoughts on “one third off editing price – short time only

  1. WK Tucker

    Reblogged this on WK Tucker | Author and commented:
    If you’ve been thinking about hiring a professional editor for you book, I’d like to recommend David Burton. He recently worked for me, and did an excellent and thorough job–I could tell by all the red bleeding off the pages of my manuscript. 😊 He not only does a line edit, but ferrets out all those little things one misses such as wrong verb tense, misplaced modifiers, unnecessary words; and as a plus, suggests how the story can be improved.
    David understands how tight writer’s budgets can be, and is priced affordably.
    Right now, he’s running a discount on his services, and I advise anyone out there who is in need of editing services now or in the near future, to contact David to reserve your slot.

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      1. WK Tucker

        Just telling the truth, my friend. Your edit of my manuscript was invaluable. (Now, to just work all the way through it.)
        If my comment proceeding my reblog is good enough to use on your blog, feel free to use it as a quote from me. If not, let me know and I’ll write up another. 😊


  2. loisxenakis

    David has helped me so much in writing my story and letting me do it my way. I could never afford some of the prices they are asking. He has made it so easy and a joy to work with on my story. He gives you suggestions and lets you make the final decision. You just feel comfy. I’m very new to story writing and this will be a first for me. I’m so happy I found David Burton.

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  3. Dave Post author

    Thank you. I expect big changes this year, both spiritual and physical. You are so kind and sweet to come say this. Namaste, my friend. πŸ™‚



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