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grandson 1st birthday special

grandson-birthday-smsYes, it’s our first grandchild’s birthday in early April, and we’re stuck on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, unable to be there to celebrate the joyous day.

I am even struggling for the spare cash to be able to send him a little something as a gift, which is why I am making the following offer…

If you submit something for me to edit between now and April 8th, and can pay before that date, I will perform that edit at my full ability, but for 25% off my already super-low prices, meaning just £2.50 or $3.75 per 1000 words.

And then spend the money on our gorgeous grandson. 🙂


March 28-April 15 Editing Slots Available

Hi Everyone,

In case you have any words (young or old, haha) you might be staring at thinking they could do with an edit, and soon…

I have had my next-but-one client postpone for a few weeks, meaning I am available from around March 28 to April 15.

So, if you would like me to work on something for you inside the next 3-4 weeks, please let me know as soon as possible.

I am happy to work on an older book if that would be your preference. And, although my rates are already low, I might even be persuaded to offer a slight discount for those.

I am also willing to offer instalment plans if it suits us both.

Here’s hoping you are all enjoying your words.



I am currently working on an edit for Alan Sawyer, the author behind:

That book was such a good read, and I fully recommend it.

I just finished working on a book for Geraldine Evans, author of the Rafferty & Llewellyn series, as well as others:

Those Rafferty books are so much fun, and a constant guessing game.

Soon, I will be working with two up-n-coming writers, David Arthur Addy and Amy Frischmann. I have worked with both before on a couple of short story collections they participated in, and they both amaze me.

Later this month, I get to work again with one of my favourite writers. Even if I wasn’t her editor, I would highly recommend Jennifer Cie to any who would be kind enough to themselves to listen. She’s awesome. Try her here:

Later still, I will re-edit for another favourite of mine, a quirky teller of intriguing tales, MCC (my nickname for her), who can be found here:

And then hopefully between and also later still, one of the easiest and most fun writers I have had the pleasure to work with, being Melissa Barker-Simpson. You will no doubt devour her work because they are such page-turning nuggets of joy. She can be found here:

All that said, I am still looking to work with more wonderful writers, both old and new, experienced and newbies. I have no doubt I can help you polish your words, and would love to hitch a ride on your fictional world tour. I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂