I am currently working on an edit for Alan Sawyer, the author behind:


That book was such a good read, and I fully recommend it.

I just finished working on a book for Geraldine Evans, author of the Rafferty & Llewellyn series, as well as others:


Those Rafferty books are so much fun, and a constant guessing game.

Soon, I will be working with two up-n-coming writers, David Arthur Addy and Amy Frischmann. I have worked with both before on a couple of short story collections they participated in, and they both amaze me.

Later this month, I get to work again with one of my favourite writers. Even if I wasn’t her editor, I would highly recommend Jennifer Cie to any who would be kind enough to themselves to listen. She’s awesome. Try her here:


Later still, I will re-edit for another favourite of mine, a quirky teller of intriguing tales, MCC (my nickname for her), who can be found here:


And then hopefully between and also later still, one of the easiest and most fun writers I have had the pleasure to work with, being Melissa Barker-Simpson. You will no doubt devour her work because they are such page-turning nuggets of joy. She can be found here:


All that said, I am still looking to work with more wonderful writers, both old and new, experienced and newbies. I have no doubt I can help you polish your words, and would love to hitch a ride on your fictional world tour. I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂



9 thoughts on “Updates

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          1. Dave Post author

            I bet. 😉 When I was working on my 450,000 word novel Tell Me Something True it took AGES to get just right, and such a joy to move on to something else… 🙂


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