Editing slots for the next three months are slowly but surely filling in 🙂

half full

But please contact me asap if you want to secure your space.

More options from June and beyond; ask, and you will be accommodated. 🙂


Instalment options are now a possibility, too.


As is the option to place a retainer on my services for a particular 1-4 week editing window, depending on the length of your edit, and you will be guaranteed to have your manuscript worked on during that time, so if you want to arrange something for later in the year…


Also, recommend us to a writer who ends up employing us, and if they tell us it is because of you, we will offer you a discount the next time you use us.

Der Rabatt



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  1. Mary Cathleen Clark

    Reblogged this on Building Castles In The Air and commented:
    Dave is an affirmed grammar Nazi, but will correct mistakes in such a gentle manner one will never feel criticized. And he goes above and beyond what one would expect for the cost of his services.
    Soon, I will be turning over my manuscript to him (again) and am hoping for a lesser bloodbath this go around. 🙂
    For those on a budget, Dave now offers an installment plan. If you have any questions, regarding his services, just shoot him an email. I have have found him exceptionally easy to work with.

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