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From Marshall…

Hello, everybody!

It’s my greatest pleasure to announce formally to Y’all that my manuscript is now a novel in both paperback and electronic formats on Amazon!

Osam Mensah is a Ghanaian man on a mission… to find a better life for himself in Europe, whatever the cost.

Growing up, his home life is a mess of misplaced emotion and desperation. The one thing he craves above anything else is to break away from the small, unwanted life expected of him in his homeland and become something more significant in Europe, preferably England.

Osam’s story is about an African man’s journey from his homeland to Europe, where he finally gets his breakthrough after years of abuse and failure. His previous attempts all come at a cost, be it physical, mental or spiritual, and expose the risks many African emigrants are forced to endure before they finally make it, or die on the road to ‘the promised land’.

Instead of enjoying the abundant ‘milk and honey’, Osam, like so many, finds himself struggling in an alien land which demands acute adaptation. This process depends on the individual, and the environment they find themselves struggling within. Influenced by his youth, Osam relies heavily on others, rarely trusting his own judgement, and doubting every step he takes. However, he believes in his friends and lovers, and strives to do his best for them, while never quite being able to let go of his demons, or the call of distant family ties, which factor into some of his more misplaced decisions.

‘The Plaza of Illusion’ is about Osam’s struggles as a black man, as a black man in a white world, and as a man in his own head and heart. His journey is taken by many, yet remains special to him, as he fights the same battle everyone faces on a daily basis regarding childhood, family, friends, lovers, work, home and belonging – seeking answers amid the madness of trying to live a real life.

Get your copy now, and share your frank thoughts with me at And, please remember to leave an honest review on Amazon.

Can’t wait to hear from Y’all!



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