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Book Cover Designer

I chanced upon this lady and website the other day:

And just wanted to share with you all, as she looks ideally suited to help self-published and indie authors like myself, and those I have been working for.

She says:


I use the books title and a synopsis of the book to create several concepts for your clients cover design. I will make any changes or come up with new concepts if your client doesn’t feel the first few designs convey the right message. I will work with you and your client to ensure you get a unique look that will sell copies of their book.

I require a 50% deposit on each contract paid to me via PayPal through my email address before I begin a contract. The deposit covers materials, and secures your clients spot in line to complete their cover by their deadline.

Your client should send me an email including the following information:

  • Tell me how you envision the design
  • Describe your aims and requirements
  • Send me a synopsis of the book so I can get a feel for the story
  • Provide me with images, sketches or documents that might be helpful
  • The remainder of the contract will be due upon delivery of the final designs
  • Please allow up to five days for the completion of your project

I purchase licensed images to assemble into a graphic design that will best market your literature. I also purchase a unique font for both your title and your authors name. Licensing information must be accredited within your book and I will send you the copyright information with the final designs.

I select font type and layout of text that works best to capture attention as well as represent the entire piece of literature, while consideration of author branding is given. I will provide two or three cover concepts for your review and allow for editing. I do not charge extra for additional concept designs and will continue to work with you until I get the right look for your book