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Mistakes Of Gods

Do you love a good story? Do you have questions about religion? Have you been waiting for a story where the two are combined? Then I may well have the story series for you…

Book one can be found below…


The Author, Prof PP Healings is a social and a spiritual normad. He was born to a polygamous father of twelve Children- His Excellency Egwakhide James. His mother, Queen Alimoh, was one of the four wives of his dad. This was at the time, the wealth, the power and the authority of African Kings was measured by the battalion of the wives, the children and the followers they commanded, at the heartland of Agenebode, Nigeria. Keeping vigil into the dark night, and under the moonlight, the mother of the Author, thought him, and other children, the ancient African folklores- an incentive that lit up his literature awareness. Healings studied journalism at a Russian University, and business management, at Touro College- an American University. He’s a Bsc holder. He worked as an editor-in-chief in an English-Russian magazine ‘My Africa’, for three years, and worked as a radio producer, at Alex City radio, Alezandrov, a Russian city where he faces the greatest threat to his life from organized mafia groups. Yes, it’s hard to believe, one of the hooligans stole the first personal computer, with which, he started the writing of this novel, and at the time he was finishing this same book, another group of men of the underworld, gave him a life threatening blow, which he must overcome- yet, this experience would lead him into writing detective- crime fiction. No wonder, he likened these dreadful and fanatical groups, to the followers of Lord Shiva, in his book ‘Mistakes of Gods’. When Prof PP Healings is not writing, he spends the time in hospitality and teaching of Spoken English to the young and the old Russians.