Would you appreciate or benefit from having a helpful editor sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear, pointing out when you:

  • use the wrong there/their, stationery/stationary, affect/effect
  • should have a full-stop in place of a comma
  • are missing quotation marks
  • are using a passive voice
  • use some words too often
  • are somewhat redundant
  • use words like very that can be replaced by stronger ones?

Well, Economy Edits was created to help the indie writer on a budget.

Or maybe you would appreciate advice, suggestions and support regarding the bigger picture where your story or novel is concerned? As well as stylistic advice, we offer developmental assistance. Anything and everything to help your words be their best.

We are happy to work on all projects, and with all writers (FICTION & NON-FICTION), but our priority is helping indie writers who perhaps can’t afford (or justify) professional fees.

All writers are advised to use an editor, but this can be especially important for indie writers. However, I know how difficult it is to find someone who:

  • connects with you
  • understands your work
  • is affordable

This is where I can help. :)

Some copy editors charge in excess of £10 per 1000 words in the UK, or $15 per 1000 in the USA. My rates are negotiable, but I quote a figure currently lower than half of those, being just £4 per 1000 (or $5 per 1000 in the USA), and yet we offer thorough and comprehensive notes and suggestions. Try me.

I have been the senior editor at Economy Edits since early 2014, working with many clients over the years, all who have returned to use my services.

Before that, I was an indie writer and editor since 1987. I have written over twenty-five novels, half a dozen screenplays, a handful of TV pilots, and over a thousand short stories. Plus, I have co-edited online and print publications, and was a copywriter. So, while I am not a long-term professional copy editor, I feel my experience will help you.

I am constantly working with some wonderful authors, and their testimonials can be found on that page.

Because that connection is always important, I offer a FREE 500 word sample edit.

Simply email me 500 words of your fiction, with an indication of what it is (part of a short story, the opening part-chapter to a 70,000 word romance or horror novel etc), and I will review it as I would a paid request, and you can see how I work and decide if you think we might be a good fit. Then, if you want, email me more and we can take it from there.

NEW –  I will happily edit your web content, be it business or blog-based. For example, a blog entry of up to 1000 words would only cost you £4 or $5. And then the same for each subsequent 1000 words. So, if you posted two 1000 word blog entries each week it would cost around £32 or $40 for the month. Payments can be made by bank transfer, WesternUnion, MoneyGram or PayPal.

I look forward to working with you, and helping you draw the absolute best from your words.

Please feel free to contact me at


5 thoughts on “Services

  1. fanae

    My English is not very great, so when I was translating text for my friend, I knew I can’t give him it in the “quality” I produced.
    Fortunately David Burton offered me his help with edit and I was super happy. He not only edited grammar and obvious things, but he rewrote all of my horrible frazing and.. well, everything and the quality was more than great.
    Thank you, I am really happy and I will deffinetly use services of economy edits again!



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