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A plane crash explodes into a desperate fight to save the world from a deadly secret weapon. As ex-army man Steven struggles to understand the mystery of its destructive power, he is locked into clearing the smears ruining the life of an old friend. And the one true love in his life. Was that a lie? Are his skills still strong enough to defeat the greatest enemy he’s ever yet had to face and reveal the truth hidden in the murky depths?

booking for July & beyond

Having seen how quickly my available editing slots filled up this last week, I thought it wise to announce that I am now happy to accept bookings for July 22* and beyond.

I  will consider any length, fiction or non-fiction, blogs or articles…

If you are ready to book, simply let me know your word count and preferred range of dates, and I will reply as soon as possible.

If you would rather take advantage of my free 1000 word sample edit before deciding, please forward that to me at with a short synopsis and full manuscript word count, and I will work on it and return as soon as possible, and you can see if we will be a good fit.

Despite suggestions from many that I should increase my fees, they remain as low as they were, despite my experience ever-improving my abilities. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and working with you later.



* was originally July 11, but a new client has since been scheduled. 🙂



schedule update

I am happy to confirm that I am now fully booked for editing work between January 5 and May 23, at which point I am hoping to take a short break as I travel to the USA. There are also edits pencilled in for June 15 – July 09.

One of my current clients wanted me to work with her again on a couple of other books; a postponed book from December has been rescheduled; a new writer was found by chance; and a compelling voice is pushing herself.

Exciting times for me and EconomyEdits. 🙂


look out for jasper

Today, I finished the first edit on the third book in Kimberly J Coleman’s WONDERFUL series of books about Jasper and the Munchkins.

Kimberly is currently working on book 2, which should be available here:

Or you can begin with the first tale:

They really are sweet stories full of character, love and learning. Treat yourself. 🙂


2015 editing sessions now available

Plan ahead, and book your 2015 editing needs with me.

It is never too early to schedule those all-important first and final edits for your book, to give you and it that extra advantage in tomorrow’s active and competitive indie writer market.

Even if you are not yet ready to submit your work for editing, if you book a slot with me (time dependent on estimated manuscript length, as in a 60k novel perhaps two weeks) I will hold that window open for you. But then we will also be able to bring it forward or push it back as you require, if your needs or schedule changes. Once you are “in” you have that advantage.

My rates are low, but my work is of a high quality. Please read my testimonials, marvel at my rates, and consider me for your editing requirements. I have worked on fiction and non-fiction of all lengths, from a blog post or 100 word story up to a 900 page (275,000 word) novel.

Or submit a short sample for a free trial edit. 🙂


current edit complete

Which means it isn’t the current edit, I guess? Which means that phrase shouldn’t exist? I don’t know. Can’t stop editing. Heh.

But this is such a strong story, such a strong novel, and will be such a strong series. Kudos to MA Leibfritz for Blood & Oil. Quality. I think we’re going to hear a lot about this writer in the coming years.

So what now? Well, for one I’m going to finish reading Michael Connelly’s The Gods of Guilt, then dive straight into Kory M Shrum’s Dying by the Hour.

As for Tuesday, when I would have been returning to B&O, I don’t know whether to bring the final read-thru of GoD forward a week, or spend the time writing what I can of my novel about DeadDenny… hmm… 🙂