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available editing slots – please consider

Having conferred and arranged work with my regular clients for 2015, I find the following dates remain open and available, should you want to book my editing services:

July 22-31
September 2-30
October 12-31
December 11-22

Also, if you are desperate for something to be edited outside of these dates, please still try me, as I am an able juggler.

I am happy to work on fiction, non-fiction, blog posts, essays – wherever you would like help.

I still offer the FREE 1000 WORD SAMPLE EDIT, if you want to try me that way.

Looking ahead, I am willing to pencil in editing jobs for 2016, if you think you might have something requiring work by a certain time, or if you have a schedule for an ongoing series, for example, and know roughly when your first and final edits should be completed.

My rates for 2016 are likely to increase to £4 or $6 per 1000 words, but any work booked before July 2015 will be guaranteed 2015 rates of £3.33 or $5, so book early to save money.

Whatever your editing needs, please feel free to try me – I’m easy. 😮 😉


another new client

We are happy to announce that we will be working with Ernesto Pavan in July. Some of you may already know him from some helpful suggestions on Google+ or his

translation website

He has already had a couple of stories published here and here , so feel free to check them out.

As for Ernesto himself…  “I’m a crazy Italian who writes in English, loves Indian and Japanese food, and writes about weird stuff.


so different

It is SO different editing somebody else’s work rather than you’re own. 😮

With my own, I can simply delete words, sentences or paragraphs, or rearrange scenes, move events, delete characters or threads etc., all with a few quick slashes of the finger (can a finger slash? I guess… maybe…).

But with another’s words, I want to explain, justify or suggest (highlighting all relevant words in my tricolour stylie) in such a way that the writer understands exactly what I mean, and why, and can then choose to do whatever they want.

This “others” way could help me with my own, because while I take the time to explain and think around the “issue”, sometimes I find something else/better, and it sparks an improved tweak, whereas with my own fiction I would have already moved on.

Well, I found it interesting. 🙂


booking for July & beyond

Having seen how quickly my available editing slots filled up this last week, I thought it wise to announce that I am now happy to accept bookings for July 22* and beyond.

I  will consider any length, fiction or non-fiction, blogs or articles…

If you are ready to book, simply let me know your word count and preferred range of dates, and I will reply as soon as possible.

If you would rather take advantage of my free 1000 word sample edit before deciding, please forward that to me at with a short synopsis and full manuscript word count, and I will work on it and return as soon as possible, and you can see if we will be a good fit.

Despite suggestions from many that I should increase my fees, they remain as low as they were, despite my experience ever-improving my abilities. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and working with you later.



* was originally July 11, but a new client has since been scheduled. 🙂



schedule update

I am happy to confirm that I am now fully booked for editing work between January 5 and May 23, at which point I am hoping to take a short break as I travel to the USA. There are also edits pencilled in for June 15 – July 09.

One of my current clients wanted me to work with her again on a couple of other books; a postponed book from December has been rescheduled; a new writer was found by chance; and a compelling voice is pushing herself.

Exciting times for me and EconomyEdits. 🙂


2014 in review

I set up EconomyEdits midway through 2014 with the hope of helping indie writers improve their (fiction or non-fiction) manuscripts, especially if they were on a tighter budget. I was fortunate to find a couple of quality writers early on, and that luck has seen me fly through our first six months. Here’s hoping more of the same comes my way in 2015.

Here, I simply want to point you toward some of the writers/books I’ve worked on. 🙂

Temporarily unavailable.


Yes, the last one was mine 😉 with more here:


And some others yet to be published that you should keep watch for… 😉

How Brave Are You? by Nicole Delacriox

The Munchkin Mice Mysteries 2 – Mystery In The Mausoleum by Kimberly J Coleman

The Munchkin Mice Mysteries 3 – title tbc by Kimberly J Coleman


And some authors I am looking forward to working with in 2015 include:


The truly exciting aspect of this update is that all of these wonderful writers are working on something new.


If you have a book you might like help with, please contact and we can discuss it. I am still offering a free 1000 word sample edit to help you determine if you feel we will be compatible. 🙂

My rates MIGHT increase during 2015, but currently remain where they began, at just £3/$5 per 1000 words. 😮 😉 If you want to barter, try me… 😉

If you would like to sign up to my mailing list to receive auto-updates and private/secret/free stuff (mostly from my writing blog,, please click the link under “Make Me n Monk smile” 🙂