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2014 in review

I set up EconomyEdits midway through 2014 with the hope of helping indie writers improve their (fiction or non-fiction) manuscripts, especially if they were on a tighter budget. I was fortunate to find a couple of quality writers early on, and that luck has seen me fly through our first six months. Here’s hoping more of the same comes my way in 2015.

Here, I simply want to point you toward some of the writers/books I’ve worked on. 🙂

Temporarily unavailable.


Yes, the last one was mine 😉 with more here:


And some others yet to be published that you should keep watch for… 😉

How Brave Are You? by Nicole Delacriox

The Munchkin Mice Mysteries 2 – Mystery In The Mausoleum by Kimberly J Coleman

The Munchkin Mice Mysteries 3 – title tbc by Kimberly J Coleman


And some authors I am looking forward to working with in 2015 include:


The truly exciting aspect of this update is that all of these wonderful writers are working on something new.


If you have a book you might like help with, please contact and we can discuss it. I am still offering a free 1000 word sample edit to help you determine if you feel we will be compatible. 🙂

My rates MIGHT increase during 2015, but currently remain where they began, at just £3/$5 per 1000 words. 😮 😉 If you want to barter, try me… 😉

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