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short testimonial from client

A short testimonial from a client:

I didn’t see a single instance where your suggestions weren’t an improvement. Thank you so much!




testimonial & schedule update

I posted a while ago about being open to submissions from October 1st… but that is now NOVEMBER 3rd 🙂 as I have been blessed with more.

If you would like to pre-book a slot, please do. And/or review my information and testimonials first…

Speaking of which, there is a new testimonial added to that page, being this:

David has been a wonderful person to work with, and I’m more than pleased with what he’s done for my book. Very responsive, and sensitive to the needs of the story. He’s prompt, polite, and willing to discuss what would best serve the text. I also appreciated the explanations of why he does things, and his care for preserving style. ~ MA Leibfritz, author of BLOOD & OIL.


also listed at…

Economy Edits

Many thanks, Nicole. Every moment has been a revelation and a joy. 🙂



happy i worked the weekend

No, it doesn’t make sense.

Until you learn that yesterday and today have slipped by me in swirls of meetings, queues, broken bikes and new office chairs.

So, because of the hours I put in on Saturday and Sunday, I should still be golden when it comes to completing the edit of G for ND on Sunday. I just need to buckle down and do the hours between now and then.

Yes, I could be editing now, instead of writing this drivel. But it’s an update. Of sorts. 😉


so good

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be biased (right?), but I’m currently reading through the next book I will edit, being B&O (as far as you are concerned, for the moment)… and…

not only is the writing top quality…


the story a total screen-flipper…


there are super-cool illustrations, too.

I tell you, I have lucked into being asked to help out with THE best books. And THE best writers. 🙂

I just hope any writers who (hopefully) ask for my help after mid-September can live up to their standards. No pressure, people. 😉



diary/schedule now posted

As the subject says: my Diary & Schedule is now posted here:

Please contact me if you think I can be of any help, if you would like to take advantage of my free 1000 word sample edit, or if you have any questions regarding what I do, how I do it, or… well, just about anything edit-related, I guess. 🙂



How Brave Are You?

HOW BRAVE ARE YOU? is the working title of the compelling and eye-opening book I have been editing for the wonderful Nicole Delacroix:

It is a riveting and sexyfun read, being a somewhat voyeuristic ride through the innermost thoughts of all the kind (and kinky) souls who anonymously completed Nicole’s questionnaire. I was intrigued, shocked, amused and (yes, I’ll admit it, a little) titillated by its honesty and good-time-sass. 😮 🙂

So yes, the final run-through is now complete, and I want to thank Nicole for letting me play a part in her crazywonderful ride, and wish her & HBAY all the very best in finding an agent/publisher.

The question now is: HOW BRAVE IS AN AGENT?

If you think you know of one who might just be brave and insightful enough to be interested in an unputdownably sexy read, please get in touch. 🙂