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Seeking short story submissions

Are you a fan of fiction? Do you crave crime? Are you flavoured by forensics? Do things have to appear sane in your membrane?
Yes? Then there is exciting news for you from our cosy corner of the world…
We are seeking submissions for our first collection of short stories (and chapter teases) written by authors and readers just like you…
Many are EconomyEdits clients, but everyone is welcome.
Already on board are Geraldine Evans, Iris Blobel, Tony Dews, Melissa Leibfritz, David A. Eddy, John Reti, Kat Bussell, myself and others.
If you are interested in hearing more, and/or want to be considered, please send me a query at:
We would love to hear from you.

more new client news

Thanks directly to Chris the Story Reading Ape (THANKS, CHRIS – you an indie’s angel)

I can happily announce another new client, this one boasting an intriguing science fiction novella that I will work on in November. The writer is Melissa, and can be found here n here:


indie translator

I have just added this link to my webfriends page. … “Have you ever thought about having your book translated? I will tell you why that might be a good idea. And, if you’ve had your book edited by Dave @ EconomyEdits, I’ll even give you a discount!”

Seems like a nice guy looking to help indie writers. Check him out. 🙂


current edit complete

Which means it isn’t the current edit, I guess? Which means that phrase shouldn’t exist? I don’t know. Can’t stop editing. Heh.

But this is such a strong story, such a strong novel, and will be such a strong series. Kudos to MA Leibfritz for Blood & Oil. Quality. I think we’re going to hear a lot about this writer in the coming years.

So what now? Well, for one I’m going to finish reading Michael Connelly’s The Gods of Guilt, then dive straight into Kory M Shrum’s Dying by the Hour.

As for Tuesday, when I would have been returning to B&O, I don’t know whether to bring the final read-thru of GoD forward a week, or spend the time writing what I can of my novel about DeadDenny… hmm… 🙂


happy i worked the weekend

No, it doesn’t make sense.

Until you learn that yesterday and today have slipped by me in swirls of meetings, queues, broken bikes and new office chairs.

So, because of the hours I put in on Saturday and Sunday, I should still be golden when it comes to completing the edit of G for ND on Sunday. I just need to buckle down and do the hours between now and then.

Yes, I could be editing now, instead of writing this drivel. But it’s an update. Of sorts. 😉


so good

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be biased (right?), but I’m currently reading through the next book I will edit, being B&O (as far as you are concerned, for the moment)… and…

not only is the writing top quality…


the story a total screen-flipper…


there are super-cool illustrations, too.

I tell you, I have lucked into being asked to help out with THE best books. And THE best writers. 🙂

I just hope any writers who (hopefully) ask for my help after mid-September can live up to their standards. No pressure, people. 😉



reading the next edit

Does that make sense?

As an editor, I sincerely hope so. 😉

Although, of course,  there is an element of play involved. 🙂

But what I mean is…

Late last night I requested and was sent a kindle-friendly copy of the next book I will be editing (from August 18th), so I have a chance to view it as a reader first before tackling as an editor. I did that with the current edit, and think it helps.

Here’s hoping. 🙂

Oh, and I’m currently LOVING working on the the current book, G, and have received nothing but positive replies from the author, who must be one of the more receptive and open writers I’ve ever come across, from a critique-receiving point of view. A joy to work with. 🙂