Your Text, My Edit, 100% FREE




I know, right?!

That would be…








A seasoned editor offering a FREE edit?

Of an entire, full-length novel!?!




Well, that is EXACTLY what this crazyEditor is offering.




For every writer you recommend who uses and pays for my services, you will receive 10% of their word count.




So, if they pay me to edit a 50k manuscript, you will receive a voucher for a 5k FREE EDIT. If they pay me to edit a 100k manuscript, you will receive a voucher for a 10k FREE EDIT.




Not only that, but you can redeem this for one 5k manuscript edit of your own, OR… wait and combine it with more vouchers… until you can secure a FULL FREE EDIT of your novel. Whatever the word count.

I told you it was crazy. But it’s true.




I have added a page to showcase the wonderful writers I work with. Many are still in the pipeline, but these should be the majority of people I have been lucky enough to work with.

As I say on that page, if you are one of my writers and you don’t see something of yours there that you would like to, please let me know and I will add it/you.



Give Me No Children

One of the many reasons why MCC is one of my favourite writers. Enjoy.

Southern Highways and Byways

This is an old story, written as an assignment for a class I took on writing short stories. It was inspired by events that happened to my brother-in-law.

“Give Me No Children”

When I laid eyes on the boy, I wondered if I could ever love him. I wanted to love him; after all, he was my husband’s son. But he wasn’t mine.

He stood between two of the nuns, all big brown eyes sandwiched by starched white habits. Nut-brown face, black wavy hair, stick-thin arms and bony, bruised legs.

Two days ago I’d gotten a call from Sister Angelica (Actually, the call was for my husband, but Sam Murphy was no longer of this earth; he and our son, Jake, had been killed in an auto accident three months previously.) informing me of the boy’s existence. And in almost the same breath, she’d asked if I could take the…

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Editing Slots Available

We are still offering thorough-yet-affordable edits, tailor-made to meet exactly what you require, but for super-low prices… just £3.33 or $5.00 per 1000 words.

editingslots july august 2016

We exist primarily to help indie/self-publishing authors who can’t afford professional editing services fees, but we have also helped already traditionally published writers.

We have editing slots available in July and August, and then also beyond…

We would love to help polish that gem of a manuscript you keep looking at in that file on your desktop. We know you know it deserves to be pampered. Treat yourself and your story to one of our thorough-yet-affordable edits.

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