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look out for jasper

Today, I finished the first edit on the third book in Kimberly J Coleman’s WONDERFUL series of books about Jasper and the Munchkins.

Kimberly is currently working on book 2, which should be available here:

Or you can begin with the first tale:

They really are sweet stories full of character, love and learning. Treat yourself. 🙂



available for work from August 18th

Hello from


I will have one or two pieces of final edit work to do after August 18th, taking 5-10 days, but they will need to be scheduled as and when the authors are ready.

Apart from those, I am available to work on new projects. 🙂

So, if you have some editing/copyediting/line-editing you want doing, please contact me by posting a reply to this with your email address, or email me direct at

I am happy to work on anything from a one-page letter to a 500,000 word novel. Or longer. Although, obviously, that monster-novel will take a much longer commitment than the letter.

My rates are still just £3 or $5 per 1000 words, or a flat £3/$5 fee for anything shorter. For shorter pieces I will invoice upon completion, but for longer works I will invoice half when I begin and half upon completion, with an option (not obligatory) for a half-price final read through whenever you have completed any alterations.

Please read my testimonials page for more insight, and/or forward a 1000 word sample for me to work on and return, free of charge, no obligation, for you to decide whether you want to work with me.

I am already  looking forward to working with you. 😉


mini update, with schedule to come

Just to keep you up to speed on what I’m working on…

Currently working through the line edit for the second Munchkin series book. Yay!

Then there will be a final edit check for HBAY – you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. 😮

Then I’m hoping to work through a final edit check on Munchkin 2.

And THEN I’m hoping to work on a different book by one of the above authors; and THEN a different book by the other author. 🙂 🙂

When I have confirmation regarding these, and have figured out my schedule, I will announce availability and actively seek more books to edit and clients to help. However, if you would already like me to consider you, please contact me @

Otherwise I shall post n request as and when.

I will happily edit fiction or non-fiction, any length; and will also help with blurbs, promotions, letters etc.

Try me.

Rates are currently just £3 or $5 per 1000 words.

Testimonials can be found here:



two of the loveliest writers

I just want to say what a pleasure it is to be working with Kimberly Morgan & Nicole Delacroix on their manuscripts. They are two of the sweetest people, especially considering how I’m nitpicking their babies.



another testimonial

Thank you so much for your help. I love the changes and suggestions. I’ve already replaced the first part. I would love to hire you to help me. I’m so excited, finally someone to help me get this book done! Thanks again. ~ Kimberly Coleman, author of MICE OF THE MAUSOLEUM, part of THE MUNCHKIN SERIES.


Thank you, Kimberly. 🙂

new client – Kimberly Coleman & Jasper

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I will be working with writer Kimberly Coleman and her story-star Jasper on the second book in the Munchkin series, which began with: